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Singer/Song Writer & Author

Ted Snyder - Singer/Song Writer & Author

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Ted Snyder is a country and gospel singer. You will appreciate Ted’s versatility on his album “Bayou Blues”. This earthy, bluesy, southern rock with a touch of country album has pleased live audiences, radio listeners, and TV watchers around the nation. Check out his other former country albums “Ahead to the Past” and “Country for Everyone.” on the album page.


 Ted Snyder’s first two songs released with Western Heart Promotions put him on the prestigious “World Wide Most Played Artist Chart.” His album “Country for Everyone” has been in the roots country chart top ten for over a year and has twenty tracks on it. His latest albums “Bayou Blues” and “Ahead to the Past” can be seen below!


 A song writer with many songs to his credit . He has written with writer/producer Peter Rafelson. (Elton John, Madonna, Lady Gaga, Britney Spears etc) His name is on over 300 million units sold. 

Also co-writer with multi platinum song writer Roy August. (Fancy Free with the Oak Ridge Boys)

You can hear some of his songs with Roy on his newest album, “Ahead to the Past”


Ted is the author of the new series “The Neverland Rascals”.

There are 2 children’s color picture books, a free audio/video of book 1 on the web site www.neverlandrascals.com

One novel is now available titled “The Neverland Rascals: A Magical Journey into a World of Wonder, Fantasy and Forgiveness.”
Click here to purchase now!

Bayou Blues
Swamp Rock
Bayou Blues
Alligator Gravy
Red Blue Jeans
Bayou Witch Mattie
Even Trolls Love Rock and Roll
She is From the Bayou
Stuck in the Quicksand
Mississippi Moon
Jungle Love
Ahead to the Past
1. Cruisin' Route 66
2. You Can Shake It
3. Give Her Back To Me
5. Ahead to the Past (Inst)
6. Pretty Lady
7. Safe at Last
8. No Can Do
9. The Final Touch
10. At the End of The Rainbow
11. She is in My Dreams
12. Honey Lover
Country for Everyone
01. Jezebel
02. Tight Wrangler Jeans
03. Faith Ain't Faith
04. Scene of the Crime
05. Honk Tonk Boogie Woogie Country
06. Give Yours to Me
07. You Can Shake It
08. Rock a-Billy-Cowboy
09. The Picture
10. One More Night
11. Tricia
12. Caddie
13. Little Things
14. For the Sake of My Children
15. Hypnotized
16. It's a Good Day
17. The Girls Everyone Knew
18. California Country Rock and Roll
19. Bayou Boogie
20. Your Green Eyes

Latest Albums...

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- Ahead to the Past

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