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Ted Snyder: News

childrens books complete - May 13, 2013

The Neverland Rascals (tm) childrens books are complete and ready.

Book to movie almost complete - June 1, 2010

We are close to finishing up the book to go along with the movie script.
We have all the songs for the movie and are looking at producing them soon.
The book will be released first with the album.

movie - January 3, 2010

We have finished up witing the script to the movie. Now perfecting everything.
Several songs being written at this moment.
A book will be in the works also.

Teds Music - April 20, 2009

Teds Home - April 20, 2009

April 9, 2009

Recording - April 4, 2009

I am in the process of recording several new songs for another album.
A single will be out shortly .

Some Of Our DJ Friends Playing My Music - April 3, 2009

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