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Ted Snyder: Bio

Ted Snyder

You could call him a Country Rock Cowboy with a Clint Eastwood type of appeal. We call him TED SNYDER. A Country and Gospel singer, a great musician and a crowd pleaser wherever he goes. Ted has worked with some of the nation's top musicians in both live performances and in the recording studio. Musicians like Jay Lacy, lead guitarist for John Schneider, John Barrafato, piano for Glen Campbell, and Linn Phillips, guitarist for Collin Ray, can all be heard on Ted's double album COUNTRY FOR EVERYONE was on the Roots Real Country internet chart top 10 for over a year.

You will also appreciate Ted’s versatility on his album “Swamp Rock. This earthy, bluesy, southern rock with a touch of country album has pleased live audiences, radio listeners, and TV watchers around the country. Ted Snyder’s first two songs released with Western Heart Promotions put him on the prestigious “World Wide Most Played Artist Chart.” He toured in Europe with the WHP artists as part of the first Country Music artists to perform in East Germany after the tearing down of the Berlin Wall. His music’s acceptance is thrusting him into the world wide market and his unique style placed him on numerous charts multiple times in the last few years. The listening audiences have moved his music to the “Hot Country Singles Charts” as well as others. Ted Snyder’s country gospel album, “What Would You Give”, arranged by Grammy nominated Marvin “Smokey” Montgomery, promises to do great things for his music career and promises to please you, the listeners. Smokey worked around the country with artists in clubs, and casinos, including shows with the Blackwood Bros. and The Jordinaires and put the gained music knowledge he took from there into his work with Ted Snyder’s album. Ted now continues to perform with his Traditional Country, gospel, ballads and country rock, Rockabilly style and calls Oklahoma home. Ted has just finished up ,with one of Hollywoods finest "script editors", the script for a new movie. A book is also in the works as well as many songs and music for the movie. Ted has been writing with multi platinum and gramy nominated song writer Roy August. Ted's new album "Ahead to the past" was penned by Ted and Roy. Roy's song "Give her back to me" was schueled to be recorded by Elvis but due to Elvis's death it never happened. Roy gave Ted the song and it is now on his new album. 2 new children's books are completed and ready for sale. The stories in these books are based on the novel/movie script which will be out soon. Songs for the book album/script have been written by Ted, Roy August and Michael Elley (Disney) For booking information please call 405-237-8744 For CD purchases please go to or call 1-800-BUY-MY-CD (299-6923)

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